Tocumwal 2006

The weekend begun with three groups of people making their way up to the caravan park in Cobram. Stan & Michael travelled up & played the Presidents course on Friday. Myself & Mick drove up together in the morning & Neil, Ian & Trevor followed in the afternoon. Friday night was spent with a BBQ for tea & just sitting around chatting. Neil & Trevor had a kick of the footy in the dark with varying degrees of accuracy.

Saturday started at 5:45. Everyone got up to the smell of bacon & eggs cooking on the BBQ. The day was just perfect for golf. A nice crisp morning with not a cloud in the sky & not a breath of wind.

The course itself was fantastic. The fairways were lush & great underfoot. The greens were in good nick & quick. The groups for the first day were, off first Mick, Trevor & Ian. Following were Stan, Michael, Neil & myself. I’m not sure who I’ve pissed off to always get lumped in the same group as Neil 😉

We played the Captains course on Saturday & what a gorgeous course. As I mentioned earlier the fairways were lush, they were also quite open. The bunkers are well positioned on the fairways to catch tees shots & around the greens to catch anything that is slightly off line. One downside of the course would be the sand in the bunkers. It was quite heavy making it difficult to get out.

The day was perfect for low scoring golf, it’s a shame that none of us took advantage. Trevor was the best of the bunch with a 96. The it was back to the 19th for a couple of beevies. I got stitched up on 4th tee where Neil managed to get Stan to agree that my ball wasn’t past the ladies tee. I still maintain that was past & Stan did agree originally, that was when he thought that the penalty for not get past was dropping my pants. We he was told the penalty was a shout at the bar he quickly changed his mind. So I was first cab off the ranks with a “Not past the Ladies tee” shout but I wasn’t alone. If I remember rightly I was closely followed by Ian & then Neil. I still protest my innocence 🙁 This was were Stan & Michael left us, they had had enough of our crap & headed back home. After a couple of beers & some tucker for some, I had to stop by a fish & chip shop to get my Pluto Pup fix (can someone tell me why we can’t get these in Melbourne???). The it was back to the caravan for a game of backyard cricket minus the running.

The second day started simlair to the first except a little bit slower. Up at 5:45 for showers & breakfast then back on the road to the golf course. I love to tell you Stan that your prophecy came true & we all shot record scores in the 70’s & 80’s… but it would be a lie. The day was slighly mared by the wind. It was blowing a gale. On Sunday we played the Presidents Course which was in just as good shape as the Captains course from the previous day. Mick had to pull the pin after 9 holes, his tired old body couldn’t quite take two full days of golf 😉 The golf of the day was slightly worse than Saturday & I blame the wind….. & my slice…….& my tee shots…….& my crappy bunker shots. Trevor once again led the way, he cleaned up over the weekend. In fact he probably made money. He took the two big purses for closest the pin & he also got the chockies for the low total score for the two rounds. Stan made a valid point, we should take handicaps into account when it comes to the low rounds & that was my fault for not bringing up the handicap info, sorry guys. I’m sure Trevor is glad that I didn’t.

All in all, the weekend was great success. I has an absolute ball, great golf & great company. For those of you who didn’t come along, & for those of you who did & would like to relive a few memories, you can check out the photos here

Plans have already begun for next year. Yarrawonga is the destination.


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  1. Daryl says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend guys … sorry I missed it 🙁 I’m pleased that the weather was kinder to you this year! Looking forward to the next trip.

  2. Neil says:

    I will give you a box of tissues the next time I see you, but your ball landed 1.5 to 2 metres behind the LADIES tee. And the good news for me was that I only had the 1 shout compared to the 9 that I had last year. I had a great time and my game wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be but it was much better then last years effete. These golfing weekends are a great idea and for all those that didn’t make it, I strongly suggest that you make an effete next year, you want regret it. If you haven’t played at Yarrawonga before and you decide to come on next years trip you will injoy playing there. I would like to thank all those that came on the trip this year and hope to see you all on the next one.

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