A day like today deserves some golf

With these sentiments in mind, Neil & I ducked off to Strathallen for a 9 holes after work. Thank you for daylight savings. Things didn’t start off too well when we got there, Neil had left the handle for his buggy at home. After contemplating pulling the pin, Neil tried half of his club lock & it worked like a charm. I glad that it did, days like this are what golf was invented for. Beautiful clear sky’s with just a slight breeze.

Considering how dry it has been & the lack of water this course has, it is in surprising good condition. The fairways are a little thin in places but generally OK. I thought the grass on the greens were a little long, (or I might have been looking for an excuse for my poor first putts) Neil disagreed as per normal 😉 In the end the rounds weren’t too bad, both of us hitting some nice shots & some poor ones. I hit a spanker of a tee shot on the 7th hole which left me scratching mind head thinking “What did I do differently???”

2 Responses to “A day like today deserves some golf”

  1. Neil says:

    You didn’t think about your shot as much as you normally do and just hit it, but didn’t try and hit the cover of it, and it was a great shot.

  2. cary says:

    I’ll give you your $5 later

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