Eagleridge on the 6th of December


Hi everyone. My birthday is on the 6th of December & I decided to play golf, big surprise!!! I finally decided on Eagle Ridge which is down on the Mornington Peninsula. We are trying to arrange to borrow the van from work which seats (correct me if I’m wrong Neil & Ian) 8 people & room for club’s as well.
You can check out the website for Eagle Ridge here http://www.eagleridge.com.au/ but it isn’t all that helpful.
To the cost’s. The round will be $43 for the golf & if you want a cart it will cost $45 for two people. The carts have a GPS system onboard which tells you how far out from the green you are.
I’ve made a booking for 8 people & 4 carts at this stage for 9 a.m. which means we will have to leave around 7ish (again please correct me if I’m wrong). You don’t have to have a cart if you don’t want to but please let me know when you confirm you’re coming.
I hope you can make it, talk to you soon.

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  1. Neil says:

    Yo Dude, I’ll be there with cans in hand ( coke that is if I am driving ) and a cart for me.

  2. cary says:

    Glad to hear it Mr Magoo, lets hope the weather is like it’s been the last couple of days.

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