Kyneton not Woodend

The morning started off pretty badly. We got to Woodend at about 7 o’clock & it was still dark & it was raining. Not promising at all. Stuart suggested that we travel to Kyneton & if the conditions hadn’t improved by then pull the plug.

When we got there it was drizzling slightly so we figured we would give it a go. The drizzle continued for about 3 or 4 holes & then cleared up.

Starting in the rain at this course is a real contrast to what the course looks like. It is very dry & the dams & lakes are nearly empty. This is a great course & it’s a shame to see it this way. A couple of holes play over the dams & you can imagine that they would be quite spectacular & intimidating if there was water. Having said all this, we still had a good day out.

The plan is to try again for a round at Woodend in the near future.

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  1. Matt says:

    Any photos boys ?

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