The Growler on a Thursday

Dick & John had planned to head out to Growling Frog & I tagged along. I must say I love this course. The fairways are immaculity & the greens are prestine. I wish they were paying me to say this but they aren’t. Once you get off the fairways you are in mud at the moment but let’s face it, you are supposed to be on the fairway. This course is great for me & John, he hooks & I slice. The fairways are very open so if your shot lands on the fairway your doing OK.

The weather didn’t play fair today, but you feel like a complete ass complaining that it’s raining. We had to pull the pin after 9 holes, which gutted Dick & John who were loving the course, because it was just too wet. It bucketed down on the 9th green which sealed our fate.

We will be back. Both of the newbies are very keen to get back out there, unfortunatley we wont have the great deal we got with the guide as it was a one off.

As for the game, I hate to blow my own trumpet but I have to mention the 7th. I finished up with a par after being in the bunker off the tee & then again in the greenside bunker after my third. The one putt par is the saviour of the hacker 😉

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