Keilor on the 27th of December

Neil Dick & I went out to Keilor on another gorgeous Melbourne summer’s day. We started out early, 9:30, to avoid the worst of the afternoon heat. The course was the busiest that I have ever seen it. While we were in the clubhouse they sent away a bloke looking to play 9 holes because he didn’t have a booking. Neil called him back from the carpark to join us. Nice guy by the name of Josh. He made us all look like idiots on the first 2 holes, par the first & just missing his par putt on the second. As for the rest of us, we were all a little rusty. I shot an 8 on the first hole & I was lucky to get away with that 🙁 The condition of the course was pretty good. The greens were a little long which made judging the pace on the putts a little tough. Even with the extra people on the course, & the group two in front of us having 6 people in it, the round flowed pretty well. The prices have gone up at Keilor, but still it’s a very reasonable priced course.

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