Kilmore Golf Club

Address: Anderson Road Kilmore
Carts: Yes
19th Hole: Yes
Costs: 18 — $21.00 weekend June 2008

One of the first things that strike you about Kilmore Golf Club is that is a country golf club in all the best ways. The staff are friendly & helpful & everyone you meet out on the course is also friendly & courteous. I love playing at courses like this, it is 100% better than playing at your inner city courses where you can get into a punch up for looking at someone the wrong way.

You have to take into account where this course is when you judge it. This course is in the Victorian country which when we first played here was in the middle of a 10 year draught. You can’t expect immaculate fairways & pristine greens. What you get are are greens that are quick & fairways that are good but patchy in places. The rough is pretty much non existent, just dirt, but the way the course is set up you dont want to get off the fairways. Nearly very fairway is tree lined so if you stray off line you are going to be in trouble even if there wasn’t a draught.

The clubhouse here at Kilmore is first class. It is on the opposite side of the road to the course which may cause some confusion the first time you come out. The 19th hole is set up beautifully with a BBQ on the balcony for a great after round function. 

To the course. I don’t know if it is the country air or what but every hole looks further than the metreage at the tee. On the front 9 you have back to back par 5’s. The 4th (426 metres) & the 5th (446 metres), neither of them overly long on paper but to look at them they are intimidating. There is only the one par 3 on the front & that is the 7th. The front 9 is a lot tougher than the back. The back 9 along with being easier to play is also easier on th eye. It starts with what is to me the best looking hole on the course, the par 3 10th. At only 155 metres from the back tees it is not an overly long hole but it looks spectacular. It is downhill with water behind & it is a gorgeous hole. Ther are a couple of holes where the first time player may get a little lost as to the direction that they are heading, no more so than the 16th. This holes bends around in behind the 13th tee but there is little help as to where the green is. I’m sure that once you have played here once that would not be an issue but for the golfing tourist a little more help would be appreciated : )

In summary, I think that Kilmore is a great country course. A friendly & competent pro shop staff & a friendly & very reasonably priced 19th hole should make this course a must make stop on your Victorian golfing weekend.

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