Goonawarra with the RSL

I must apooglize for being such a slackass with this site over the last month. With the heat I just couldn’t be bothered. Anywho.

Played Goonawarra with the RSL on Sunday & it was the exact opposite to the last time we ventured out there. Last time we got rained out, I think it was the last time it actually rained in Melbourne. This time we had a 6 o’clock tee time but the sun didn’t come up until 6:30. The front nine of the course was in pretty good nick but the back nine is a very different story. They are doing major works  to help with irrigation & water supply. It looks like they have doubled the size of the dam at least. They have also taken down a shit load of trees. All of the fairways are marred by trenches running length ways up to the green. There are still fairway for you to hit off.

Once the works have finished the back nine will look stunning. I can’t wait to get back out there in around 12 months.

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  1. Linda says:

    come and have a look now. there is a pro am at the end of Oct 2010 and the course is goning to be better than it was for the last Pro Am 2009

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