Round 2 of the RSL Championships at Whittlesea

The conditions were a massive improvement on the last round at Yarrambat 🙂 It was dry & relitivly still. I didn’t help my game to much in the opening holes but 🙁 I hacked my way up the first fairway & then did something I have never done at Whittlesea on the second. I put my ball out of bounds off the tee 😳 After the 3rd hole I started to get my act together. At the end of the day I lost 3 balls & finshed with a net 75 (I think). Neil’s day wasn’t so good. He wasn’t a very happy chappy for most of the day & I’m pretty sure his bag was a club lighter at the end of it 😉 Unfortunatly Neil had to work in the afternoon so we had to go straight after our round so I don’t know what the standings are going into the final round. If I findout I’ll stick it in as a comment.

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  1. Dick says:

    Hope it wasnt the club, Neil is looking after for me while I am away

  2. Neil says:

    Hi there Dick. I hope all is well with yourself and Sue. I’m very sorry to have to say this but NO it wasn’t your club it was my 4 iron and no I didn’t brake it in anger I was trying to hit the ball, that goes to show you how good of a day I was having. Cary is running equal 2nd or 3rd 1 or 2 shots of the leader and I’m now 13 shots of the leader.

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