Review – Albert Park Public Golf Course

Address: Queens Road, Melbourne
Carts: Yes
19th Hole: of sorts
Costs: 18 — $23.50 (midweek)

Albert Park

Albert Park Golf course would have to be one of the most centrally located golf courses that I have ever seen. It is right in the centre of Melbourne. In fact when the Grand Prix is on the course is closed because the track uses the first fairway as a run off. The first couple of months after the Grand Prix the first fairway is a mess.

Even without the Grand Prix the first tee might be a bit intimidating. The club house is right on top of the first tee. If you are a nervous golfer you wont enjoy this tee at all. If the pressure of a crowd of people isn’t bad, there is a road running down the left hand side of the first fairway (the Grand Prix track), so if you have a tendance to hook take a drop. The first hole doglegs left, in the direction of the road which makes things worse for everyone, even those who don’t have a hook.

The first four holes at Albert Park all have the road running along the left hand side. Not a good way to start for all you hookers.

One of the problems we did encounter was trying to find the 4th tee from the 3rd green. There was no signage & you pretty much had to guess the direction you had to go.

One thing that Albert Park has that we haven’t uncounted before was back to back par 5’s. The 6th at 455 meters is a standard length par 5 but the 7th is a nice & short 416.

You need to be careful of is between the 7th green & the 8th tee, this part of the course can be a bit dangerous. You have to walk back down between the 7th & 3rd fairway. From the 7th green, with the 3rd green is on your right there is very little protection, there is a chance the approach shot of the players coming up 3rd fairway may land in your vicinity.

After the par 3 8th you are again confronted with another par 5. The 9th is another fairway which is affected by the Grand Prix circuit. I’m not sure how it is affected, but that is what the signs say.

If you thought the road on the first four hole was a bit much, then you shouldn’t play the back nine. The last three holes of Albert Park all border Queens Road. For those of you who don’t know Melbourne city very well, Queens Road is a very busy city road. For players with a hook, the 16th, 17th & 18th tees would be a nightmare. There is only cyclone fencing separating your ball from on coming traffic.

The pro shop at Albert Park has something that most pro shops don’t have….. that is BEER. They sell beer & sprits along with coke & pies. On some days they also have a Refreshments (beer) cart that drives around the course offering supplies to thirsty golfers.

To sum up Albert Park, it is a nice Golf Course taking into consideration where it is. Located in the heart of Melbourne it has to be very space conscious. Most of the fairways are pretty close together so the rough is barely noticeable. The fairways are separated by a thin line of trees

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