Sandhurst North Course

Trevor had a couple fo vouchers for the Sandhurst North course & invited me Neil & Matt along. We had a perfect day for golf, bright sunshine & just a slight breeze. The was the first time I had been out to Sandhurst & with any luck it wont be my last. It is a great set up. 36 holes with fantastic facilities.

Let’s start with the small draw backs. They are in the process of putting down new sprinklers or drainage on the front 9. This leaves a bit of a patch work of sand lines throughout the fairways. Having said that, it only effected our shots once or twice. The other issue was the sand in the bunkers. Sandhurst is in the same boat as most other courses in Melbourne, after the heavy rains we have had in the last few weeks, most of the sand has been washed away. I’m sure that the bunkers would be much better normally.

Too the positives. What a great course, wide open fairways with well positioned bunkers, both fairway & greenside. The greens were large & if you didn’t get yourself close to the pin you could be left with a 3 or 4 putt to finish off the hole.

There are some great holes here as well, the par 3 called “The Wall” is interesting. Not an overly long par 3 but the green has a stone wall surrounding the back. Came in handy for me, after I left my tee shot short then thinned my chip. I got a nice ricochet of the wall & on to the green 🙂

My favorite hole on the course would be a toss up between the 9th & the 18th with the 9 just winning. There is a lake down the lefthand side of the entire hole with a estuary running in front of the green.

I recomend this course to anyone & from what I hear, the Champion course is even better. So make the trip & have a hit, you wont be disappointed 😉

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