Golf app for my phone

I just got a new phone & I’m looking to get a GPS & scoring app forit. Does anyone have anything to recommened?? It’s an android phone & I had a look in the play store & there are 50 million of them in there. I’m going to give free caddie a crack & see if it is any good

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  1. AS Gill says:

    I am using wegolf on my android phone and you can try their trial version from Neat software which allows you to map and add points.

  2. cary says:

    Seems a little step, $80 start up then $30 a year. Do you think it’s worth it??

  3. Cary says:

    Used Free Caddie out at Goonawarra on the weekend. Bit of a misnoma the name, it cost me $5. Well worth it though. The distance was accurate & it had the capacity to enter 4 peoples scores in. The battery lasted the whole round, & the trip home as well. Very happy with it.

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