Review – Heidelberg Private Golf Course

Address: Lower Plenty Road, Lower Plenty
Number of Holes: 18
19th Hole: Yes
Motorized Carts: Only only

Heidelberg Private

We were fortunate enough to be invited out for a round of golf at Heidelberg private golf course. One of the first things you notice about Heidelberg is that it’s now where near Heidelberg. It’s actually in Lower Plenty right next door to the pub. The day started slowly as the course was closed for a couple of hours due to frost. We started from the 10th tee with a couple of lovely lady members behind that didn’t mind us hacking our way down the fairway.

Heidelberg is a lovely looking course but as you can imagine with a private course they are not catering for a lot of new players. This makes your first time out a little difficult. The score card doesn’t have a map & there isn’t a hole map at each tee.

Once we had finished 18 holes, we were able to determine that the front 9 is a lot more user friendly than the back. The fairways are a lot more open & it gives you abetter idea as where you are going. On the back 9 for the first time player there is a lot of hitting & hoping you are going in the right direction. For example the 11th tee has a slight rise in front of the tee, which would be fine if you have played there before but if not you have no idea if the hole breaks left or right just after the hill. Close your eyes & hope for the best.

On the back nine there a quite a few challenging hole, none more so than the 16th. It’s a 321 metre par 4 that has a sharp dogleg left. You need to put your tee shot in the right position or you could be in trouble. The fairway at the dogleg is very narrow with trees on both the left & the right making an approach from any where other than the middle of the dogleg a very difficult shot.

On the front 9 with of the standout hole is the par 3 6th. The green is well protected by bunkers which means you have to play well off the tee to have any chance or par or better.

Heidelberg is a great course & we will probably enjoy it more if we get the chance to play it again, not that we didn’t enjoy it the first time.

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