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Neil, Scott & myself played the front 9 holes at Bundoora on the 2nd of February. They have started changing over a couple more fairways to couch grass. From memory there are 3 of the 9 holes on the front 9 which are a bit of a mess. You need to tee your ball up on the fairways on these holes. As I mentioned the last time we played here, the holes that have been upgraded are just fantastic, which makes playing the crappy holes just a bit easier. The greens still in pretty good nick. One problem with Bundoora is that are still charging full price for a round when about 6 or 7 holes of the 18 have fairways that are un-playable, a bit unfair if you ask me 

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  1. josh says:

    i play here three times a week and i agree that they shouldnt be charging full price. having said that i still find it easy enough to play on the holes that they are redoing.

  2. cary says:

    Fair enough. It would shorten the course a bit being able to tee it up on some of the fairways. What do you think of the new fairways Josh??

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