Ringwood Golf Course

Address: 352 Canturbury Road Ringwood 3134
Number of holes: 18
19th Hole: No
Motorised Carts: No 

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Neil & I took a day off work & travelled out to Ringwood. This is a course that Neil used to play a lot when he worked over this side of town but hadn’t been there for a few years.

From the first tee this course looked great. Wide open fairways with good quality fairways. We got paired up with a lovely couple of blokes for the front 9 which is always enjoyable. One of the joys of golf is meeting new people with a commen interest.

On the front nine there are 2 holes of note. The first is the par 3 5th. Visually just a fantastic hole. It is well bunkered around the green with undulating fairways leading up to it. The second is the short par 4 9th. This hole is only about 200 metres & slightly up hill. It has a very narrow fairway but if you drive the ball straight you are in with a very good chance of birdie or even eagle.

One thing you’ll notice about Ringwood is the variety of tee positions available. Most course have a tee box for the mens & sometimes a tee box for the females. Here there are a number of different tee, in some holes up to 4. This course could potential play different ever time you play it depending on the tee position.

I hope to return here in the near future & have another crack at this course

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  1. Daryl says:

    Did you play with a couple of great blokes or a lovely ‘couple’? Or perhaps both?

  2. Cary says:

    What’s wrong with “lovely couple of blokes”??? They may have been a couple but there is nothing wrong with that ; )

  3. Cary forgot to mention that I made it past all of the wemens tee’s and had back to back pars on the 10th & 11th holes. It had been 15 years since I played here last, it has change a bit since then with the extra tees but is still a great course to play, has a several hard holes & a couple of easy holes. So get of your butts and get out there for a game. If anyone wants to have a game out there please don’t be shy and drop Cary a line and we will make time to have a game anytime. If not here anywhere you choose to play.

  4. Daryl says:

    Neil’s on fire! No shouts for at least 3 games of golf. Good work mate.

  5. […] Neil has arranged for a round out at Ringwood on Thursday. Click here to see our review of the course. Leave a comment here or drop me an email if you want to come along. […]

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that Ringwood is in pretty ordinary condition at the moment. They’ve relayed most of the fairways and it hasn’t taken yet. They were in really bad shape on August 2, 2008. Prefered lies all the way around because of the rain and minimal grass cover

    Nice track when its dry but might be worth giving it a miss until the whether warms up and the course dries out a bit.

    Just my 2 bob worth!

  7. Cary says:

    Thanks for that Andrew. It’s funny that you made that comment now, I have a week of coming up soon & was thinking of heading out there for a round. I’ll save myself the trip.

  8. Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for a great post about Ringwood. Im heading there myself next week and that how i found this page. I loved the pictures you have here. It helped me to get a better understanding of the course.

    Thanks again


  9. Cary says:

    Not aproblem Gary, glad to help 🙂

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