Four Ball Best Ball at Whittlesea

Stuart has come up with the idea of have a four ball best ball comp amoungst ourselves. I have booked two groups (8 people) at Whittlesea for Sunday the 16th of July. If you want to join us, leave a comment on this posting or send me an email You don’t need to have a partner we can fix you up with someone, but feel free to bring along a friend. I’ll need to know by Friday if you want to join us. We have two teams at the moment so get in quick.



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  1. Daryl says:

    Cary, Perhaps you could enlighten everyone as to the rules/idea behind four ball best ball. I’ve played before but for those who haven’t it’s always good to have an idea. This might make for a good post–or series–on the different formats of golf?

  2. Cary says:

    Short & sweet version is this. You play in pairs. You both hit off the tee & select the best postioned ball of the two. Then you both hit a ball from the postion you have selected. This keeps going until the ball is in the hole. It makes for some good golf.

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