Craigieburn Blows

The day looked great but looks can be decieving. The wind was up & so were the scores. We had 5 people up for the round, Trevor was told he had to stay home & Scott went to the footy with his dad. Good call Scott. It doesn’t seem possible but nearly ever hole was into the wind. The fairways & greens were in pretty good nick but trying to judge the distance was a near on impossible. The group we had was Neil, Dick, Ian, Stuart & myself. Stuart had to pull the pin after 9 holes, his arm was giving him a bit of jip. Perosonaly my putting gave me a bit of grief, I had 5 birdies putts & finished with 2 pars & three boogies, not a good avareage. Dick’s driving wasn’t bad for an old bloke & he 1 putted the first 2 holes. Sadly it went down hill from there. Ian’s front nine, according to him, was the worst he has played in a long time. Thankfully he’s back nine was better saving us from his continued cursing, wait that was Neil, & his cursing continued throughout the 18 holes. Personally my front 9 was a mess save 3 holes & the back nince was a mess…. no saving. In the end Ian & I both scored 102 (please no laughing) Neil scored a 110 & Dick stopped counting.

If it wasn’t for the wind I have a feeling we could have carved this course up, but I have never played here when there hasn’t been wind. This is probably the courses defence mechanism 😉 One point of note is 3 groups behind us there was little excitment so to speak. On the 10th tee there was a full on punch up. None of us saw it but we were told. Here is the story as we were told. One group came up & asked the group in front if they could play through & that was it, full on brawl. Ice hockey stuff with shirts being pulled over the head, traping arms & punching the crap out of the bloke. As I said, this is all third person. Play Craigieburn at your own risk ; )

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  1. Neil says:

    My cursing didn’t start until about the 6th hole thank you and stopped after the 18th hole. If not for the wind it would have been a good game.

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