Keilor Golf course 25th of August

Stan, Dick & I went out to Keilor on a Friday morning. The day was overcast & looked alittle ominous, espically after the day before which rain contatnly. We went out there none the less like lemmings to the cliff top & I’m glad we did. The day didn’t look the best but was pretty good golfing conditions. The greens were receptive after the days rains but so were the fairways 😉 This was my first trip out here to Keilor & was pretty impressed I must say. The course was in great nick. The fairways, although a little soggy in places, was in good condition. Tghe greens were fantastic. Not only were they in good nick they were also very challenging. The is the first time I have seen a golf course with back to back par 3, not that any of us par either of them 🙂

There is a more detailed review of the course here.

One thing that did piss me off a bit was I forgot my camera. Doh!!!!! So unfortunatly there are no photos at this stage. On the upside, I really enjouyed playing here so I will be back & next time I’ll bring the camera.

For the record Stan & Dick were neck & neck all day. In the end Dick just pipped Stan by a shot. I was a class above both of them & won by 10 shots 😉

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  1. Matt says:

    Is there any bunkers on the course boys ?

  2. cary says:

    There are a few. On the day we played it rained all day the day before. Dick ended up in that was pretty hard packed & tough to get out of but Stan was in one that was good quality sand. Next time we go out there I’ll make better note of the bunkers

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