Hidden Valley

It started off as a good day, well for some of us. Stan had a little car trouble & couldn’t get there for tee time. He wasn’t the only one who wanted to be there but couldn’t make it. With Monday being a public holiday it made it a little hard for a few to take two days off in a week.

The people who actually made it were, me, Dick, John & Neil. On trhe way to the course Neil uttered those fateful words “There is no way that it could possible rain today” 🙂 Thankfully it didn’t rain too much. Just for a couple of holes. The sad thing is that Hidden Valley, & the rest of Victoria for that matter, could have done with a lot more rain. Nothing showed this up as much as the 13th hole. To me this is the best hole on the course with a double water carry from the back tee. Here is what the hole used to look like

Now there is practicaly no water left in this lake. It is a shame for Dick & John who haven’t played this course before. All though it dosen’t change the way you play this hole, the lack of water does distract from the asthetics of one of the best holes that I have played.

Other than the 13th you wouldn’t know there is a draught. The fairways are just as lush & the greens as just as green. The course is still in fantastic condition. I had a little trouble trying to find the pace of the greens, some were a little quicker than others, but other than that there were no excuses. Dick was the only one on the day to walk away with a bird, but if I remember rightly everyone else walked away with at least one par. I think I finished with 6, I’m sure Neil will correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

Once again I have to thank Justin Hopper at Hidden Valley for looking after us with another fantastic deal. It is always a pleasue to play here at Hidden Valley, the staff are great & the price just can’t be beat. If you haven’t played here I can’t recomened it enough.

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  1. Are yes it was a great day except for the wind, that stuffed up my game I couldn’t hit one straight, and that was Cary fault for speaking to soon. Cary had more mulligans then all of us put together, thats why he had so many pars. As Cary said the course is still in good nick other then the water traps. I said that the rain was coming but didn’t think it was going to rain so soon, thought that is was going to rain when we had finished.

  2. cary says:

    Thats not the way I rememebr it 😉 I didn’t think I had any mulligans, you must have been drunk Neil 🙂

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