Kingston Links

Someone wrote the following on our Facebook page & I thought I would share it here as well

“Played” at Kingston Links . Unscrupulous, shoddy or both. Won’t be back anytime…. Went there today, 2nd July. I had taken a day off work and was hoping to play 18 holes of golf. I expected the course to be wet, and with preferred lies, as it had been raining for the past day. What I didn’t expect was that the 9th tee was surrounded by water, and hence unplayable, the walk from the first green to the second tee was a lake (so had to walk on another fairway to get there), the 11th was inaccessible, as was the 12 to the 16th. So 10 holes were playable in all, and barely that. Didn’t stop the chap from the pro shop from taking $45 bucks from me for 18 holes, with no mention of anything!!! Boycotting this course, and will advise anyone else to do the same.”

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