New site is live!

Welcome to the new golfinmelbourne website, we hope you like it! Along with a new look and feel, the site is packed with lots of new features including:

  • RSS – Really Simple Syndication
  • A photo gallery with all of our pics
  • A weather feed to keep you abreast of the weather in Melbourne
  • User registration and publishing capability. New members (contributors) welcome.
  • Subscribe to get updates of the site via email
  • Ability to search the site to easily find what you’re looking for

We will continue to provide members with access to great content including a guide to finding the best courses in Melbourne, all kinds of reviews, stories and annecdotes. Members also receive a free golfinmelbourne email account.

You’ll notice we’re using a new format for the site — its now a blog. We’ve imported the old content and have set the date/time on this to 01 December 2005, 00:00. Use the search tool if you’re looking for something specific!

Drop us a line and let us know what you think — we’d love to hear your feedback.

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