Chirnside Park — 15 Feb ’06

Neil, Cary & Chris played at Chirnside Park on the 15.02.06. The fairways weren’t in very good condition so we had to play preferred lies. On the first 9 the bunkers weren’t too good either, but were OK on the 2nd 9 bar one hole. The ladies tees were behind the visitor tees on all but two tees which was good for me! The greens were in good nick but were hard to read.

On the 10th I (Neil) chipped in for a bogey from about 17 metres and was asked before my shot if I had my putter with me. My par putt on the 11th sat about 1cm off the hole when Cary said “oh that’s a shame” — but then it dropped in! Oh, and thanks to the person(s) before us who left an indention with the flag pole on the edge of the hole.

On the 15th on my approach shot I hit Chris’ ball with mine about 20 metres away from the green, we thougth that I had put Chris’s ball closer to the green but when we arrived I had put my ball closer to the green and Chris’s about 5 metres away from the green. Cary had 2 birdies for the day — one on the 6th par 5 and the other on the 16th also a par 5. I had 3 pars for the day and Chris had 3 as well.

I finished with 95, Chris 94 & Cary 86.

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  1. cary says:

    That putt on the 11th never looked like going in until it fell in the hole. One thing about this course is that would be very tough without carts, there are some quite steep hills. Also they sell beer in the pro shop that you can take on the course with you, always a plus in my books ; )

  2. Daryl says:

    Cary — you’ve always got a bag full in that esky you call a golf bag anyway!

  3. cary says:

    They start to go warm on a hot day. It’s nice to able to chuck in some cold ones ; )

  4. Daryl says:

    Has Neil has left out some details from this post? Cary tells me that on one hole Neil’s tee shot hit the fence and bounced backwards and ended up resting a fair way behind the ladies tee!  Another shout?

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