Change of plans for Lancefeild

Unfortunately something has come up & our round at Lancefield will have to be pushed back a couple of weeks. We were booked in for Sunday the 13th but now we will be going on Sunday the 27th of August. Sorry for any inconvenience that will cause anyone but these things happen.
With any luck the weather will have more time to come right ; )

2 Responses to “Change of plans for Lancefeild”

  1. Neil says:

    Yo dude, I will not be able to make it on this date due to work, ( Open Day at the Uni ) also I will be working the following weekend. But I am still keen to play this Sunday.

  2. Cary says:

    This is turning in to a bit of a saga ; ) I’m up for a round this Sunday, were do you suggest Neil??

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