Damn Birdies

I was playing the par 5 2nd at Yarrambat with Stuart & had put my second shot into the water at the base of the hill up to the green. I pulled out the 8 iron hoping to put it close to save par. I hit a nice clean ball that flew over the back of the green. Thankfully it hit the slope behind the green & rolled back onto the putting surface. As we walked up the hill I was had my fingers crossed that I would have any easy putt. When we could see the green I noticed their was a flock of cockatoos on the green, & one of the little buggers was pushing my ball off the green with his beak. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life & Stuart & I just cracked up laughing. I have no idea what the proper ruling on that is, & I have the feeling that it wont come up again in the near future. For the record I put the ball back were I thought it would have finished up & made the putt.

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  1. You do not put the ball back to where you think it had rested, you putt from where the cocky left the ball.

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