Cobram Trip — September 2005

Five intrepid Golf in Melbourne members set off for a trip to the Murray on a Friday night, Ian, Trevor, Neil Darryl & Cary. The weather in Melbourne was crap but we keep telling ourselves that once we get over the great dividing range the weather would clear. Poor misguided fools!!!!! It rained all the way to Cobram, but the weather will clear for Saturday surely??? Friday night was spent down the local watching the Swans & St Kilda on the small screen. After a surprising good Chinese meal at the pub we watched the Swanies (Neil & Trevor were barracking for the Swans & the rest of us couldn’t really care less) beat the Saints. After the game Trevor went & checked out the local night club which was inside the pub. We had a quiet chuckle to ourselves when there was only the DJ & a couple of barmaids in the place at 10:30, little did we know. In an hours time the joint was going off, the place was chockers. Seeing as though we had an important golf appointment the next day, we todeled off back to the caravan just after midnight. We went to bed with hopes of a great days golf ahead.

Saturday started off blowing a gale & overcast….. & stayed that way. We begun the day with Neil cooking bacon & eggs on the BBQ for breakfast, they went down a treat. After that we headed into the big smoke of Cobram to buy a couple of pillows (the couch chousin didn’t quite cut it the night before for Cary & Trevor) & a towel (Trevor again). We played the new course at Cobram on the Saturday & the starter there was kind enough to let us play as a 5 & to hit off a little early. The day didn’t start well with Cary heeling his first tee badly into the bushes 5 metres in front of the men’s tee & 5 metres behind the ladies (first shout). The plan for the day was to have a closest the pin on each of the par 3 for $2 each making the a nice purse of $10. Not one of us managed to put a tee shot on any of the greens of the pars threes!!!!! In our defence the conditions weren’t working for us. It seemed that every hole was playing into the wind. On the last par 3 of the day Ian took a driver of the tee & only just put the ball over the back. The only shining light of the first day was Ian’s birdie (the one & only for the day) on the 18th. This helped him to a 7 shot win over Cary & 8 over Trevor. The next day held a lot of promise, the conditions couldn’t get any worse, & a $40 jackpot on the first par 3

Saturday night begun with Neil’s shouts at the bar followed by a nice BBQ of a couple of steaks & some chilly sausages (Neil regretted the sausages the next day). After that is was into the van for a round drinks & a game of Trivial Pursuit. The drinks flowed & the game didn’t ; ) The two Poms finally beat the Aussies, the Aussies cause wasn’t helped by Cary giving the right answer to his team mates & at the last minute throwing in an alternative that was generally the one they picked.

What a difference a day makes, clichéd but very apt. Sunday was perfect day for golf. Clear sky’s & no wind. Which should mean no excuses for not hitting the green on a par 3 one would think. Not the case. The thought of money must have got to everyone as we all missed the green on the first par 3 of the second round. The jackpot was $50 for the next one. The next par 3 was a winner. We had tee shots going just right of the green, going just left, just short & then there was Trevor’s. Just managing to hang on to the back of the green (there were discussions regarding what was green & what was fringe) to win him the jackpot. The round ended with Ian again beating Cary, & Trevor this time, by 7 strokes.

The weekend was magnificent, even the crappy weather of Saturday couldn’t change that. We all had a ball & all looking forward to the next trip away.


Thanks must be given to Shane, (who could make it away with us due to a injured finger) for giving a the use of his family caravan. It would have been nice to know there was a TV in the locked cabinet so we could have watched the Melbourne Storm game, but thanks anyway. We all appreciate it.

Finally I would like to say to all of the Golf in Melbourne members that couldn’t make it to this trip for one reason or another. Make sure you get on the next one, it was a blast.

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