A beautiful day at Bundoora

Neil & I went out to Bundoora for a bit a of tune up for our end of season trip. Nobody else was interested & Trevor had to work. Shane gets a left off because he wife just gave birth, as far as excuses go that one is pretty good. GolfinMelbourne & all it’s members would like to wish Shane & Steph & little Tyson all the best.

The day couldn’t have been any better. Perfect blue skies no wind & around 20 odd degrees. Golf weather at it’s best.

To the game. Today would have to the best I have seen Neil chip ever!!!! He had one chip in & three or four that went with in a bees dick. He’s short game was looking fantastic, not good news for those of us playing up at Tocumwal in a couple of weeks.

My game was a little hit & miss. Thankfully I only three putted 2 or three times which a vast improvement over the last time I played. My drives still don’t like the fairways, the have a tendency to get as far away from the middle as possible.

The course was in fantastic condition. The new fairways at Bundoora have come in quite nicely. There are a few bare patches & a couple of spots were the weeds are coming through but all in all the place is starting to come good. The greens were a little hard to read at times but they run pretty true if you got them on the right line.

The cost of the day was $22 for the 18 holes was isn’t too bad at all. There were quite a few people about today, one thing that was a bit annoying was the when we finished the 9th there was 4 groups starting off the 10th. The groups in front of us were more than happy for us to play through. The whole point of them starting off the 10th pissed me off a bit.

Today was a fantastic day, it’s days like this that make you really enjoy getting out & playing golf. Bring on summer 😉

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  1. Neil says:

    The only reason your game was a little bit hit and miss was due to the pressure that I put you under with my driving off the tee and my short game, chipping on & good putting. I just hope that I can produce the goods on owe golf trip in a few weeks. Like you said the weather was perfect for golf.

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