Go Storm!!!!!!!!!

The Melbourne Storm have just beaten the Dragons to make it into their second grand finall. The score was 24 to 10 (good call Stuart). This make the first match up of two interstate clubs playing off for the NRL championship. Brisbane V Melbourne.

GolfinMelbourne.com is behind the Melbourne Strom 100%!!!! We would love to have any or all of the Storm boys to come out & have a hit with us, drop me an email if you are interested at Cary@golfinmelbourne.com 😉

For any one that is interested I will be watching the Grand Final here with a few friends, any one that would like to join us leave a comment here or send me an email.



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  1. Neil says:

    Yo dude, if I’am healthy enough I will be there. Swans and Eagles play on Sat’day in the grand final so I will be at Trevors getting pissed. Especially if the Swans win.

    Go Swans and Go Storm.

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