Weekend away with the RSL

I’m joining Neil on a weekend away with his RSL golf group up at Nurmerkah, I think 😉

Neil has been playing once a month with the Epping RSL golf club for about 6 months. He asked me if I wanted to join him in a weekend away. Stupid question, of course I do 🙂 We leave Friday & come back Sunday with golf on the Saturday & the Sunday. I’m looking forward to getting away, hopefully I wont embaress myself on the course by lossing to Neil LOL.

2 Responses to “Weekend away with the RSL”

  1. Neil says:

    It should be a good weekend they are all a bunch of drunks bar me. All though rain has been forecasted for the weekend.

  2. Cary says:

    We had a great weekend away with a great bunch of blokes. The weather played ball, mostly. It bucketed down with rain both nights but was clear for the golf.

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