Yarrambat on the 8th of November

John Dick & myself went out to Yarrambat on a picture perfect day for golf. I was at work for an hour & thought bugger this, I’m hooking up with the old man & John for their usual Thursday game of golf. The course is in Mickey Mouse condition. The fairways were brilliant & the greens were fantastic. We had a passenger for the front 9 who was a nice enough bloke but talked himself up a bit too much, worst of all he didn’t deliver. On the back nine John went nuts!!!! He par the first 3 holes (one of each a 4 a 5 & a 3) & played out of his skin. It is probably the best 9 holes I have seen him play. Dick was driving like a pro, except for the 9th but let’s pretend that didn’t happen 😉 Down the middle all day long. His score at the end of the day showed what centre golf will give you. Nothing flashy but very concistant. No par run for Dick but he still beat John by a shot.

I’m sure I say this every time I play here but I do love this course. The fairways are wide & the greens, on most holes, are very receptive. I can’t wait to get back out here again soon.

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