Broadford with the RSL

We headed up to Broadford on Sunday for a hit with the RSL. We were supposed to play at Mt Durmit but they put their prices up & it was a little too much for the RSL. 

We played a different format this time, one is wasn’t familiar with. American Foursomes. The way it works is you both tee off, your partner plays your second shot & you play his. Then you choose a ball to play & alternate until the ball is in the hole. Puts a little bit more pressure on your shots knowing someone else will have a play the results of each of your shot 🙄 As it happens I dragged Bob down to my level of play & we proceeded to 3 putt (& a 4 putt) our way around the course. Neil & Jimmy on the other hand blitz’s the comp, coming in with a net 59 to win by about 7 shots 😯

 It was a cool start to the day, 2 degrees on the first tee, but the day turned pretty nice. The sun even came out a couple of time 🙂

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