Review – Kingston Links Golf Course

Number of holes: 18
19th Hole : Yes
Motorised carts : Yes
Costs : 18 — $35


My first round on a links style course & not a bad way to start. A beautiful course nicely laid out. The fairways were in great condition as were the greens. As you would expect with a links style course there weren’t a great deal of trees lining the fairways.

There wasn’t any real standout holes at this course, nothing to grab your attention & stick in you mind as a signature hole. On the other hand there weren’t any terrible holes either. One hole I would remark on is the par 4 6th. It is a short 250 meter but the green isn’t visible from the tee. There is a hill or large mound in direct line of sight between the two. My first choice was to try & drive the green (make sure the green is clear before you would attempt this though) but be weary of the bunker which protects the front left hand side of the green.

A couple of things to note about this course is the extreme amount of water present. There are only about 2 or 3 holes were the water isn’t visible. Now the water may not be in play on all of the other holes, but if you are any thing like me, just the sight of water brings it into play. There was at least one occasion were I teed off with water a mere 15 meters in front of me, no way known that it should be in play, but I topped the shot & put it straight in the water. So if you are like me & find your balls are attracted to water make sure you bring plenty along.

The fairways, as I mentioned earlier & in great nick. Unlike a lot of other course I have played they are not always flat. A great number of them have undulations which makes for some interesting iron shots with the ball sometimes below your feet sometimes above. Also the are a lot of bunkers throughout the course, both fairway & greenside. The quality of the sand in the bunkers in fantastic making it a pleasure to play out of them if you are unlucky enough to find your self in one.

One thing that spoils the course just a little bit is the high tension power lines which run down the left hand side of the 9th fairway. The don’t interfere with the any of the holes but they do spoil the aesthetics of the a few on the front nine.

One of the things I liked the most about the this course was the greens. Like the fairways the greens were in fantastic condition. They appeared a little slower than other that I have played recently, maybe it was due to rain. The best thing about the greens though is they aren’t all flat like billiard tables. They have humps bumps & dips which makes for some difficult putts from long range.

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