Review – Chirnside Park Golf Course

Address: 68 Kingswood Drive, Chirnside Park
Holes: 18
19th Hole: Yes
Motorised Carts: Yes
9 — $12 / 18 — $16.50 (weekdays)
9 — $14.50 / 18 — $22 (weekends)

Chrirnside Park

Just a note on the cost. When Chris & I played here in late November they had a special going. On Monday to Thursday they had $10 play all day. This also included a free beer after the game. This was for a limited time but an expiry date wasn’t indicated.

Cary & Chris played Chirnside Park in late November. The golf course is part of the Chirnside Park Country Club. It has a lawn Bowls & tennis courts in the same complex. They also have a small pokies venue there as well.

To quote Chris as a description of Chirnside Park “It’s hilly as”. There are a number of hills around the course & some of them are quite steep. Make sure you bring your sand wedge with as well as there are a lot of greenside bunkers.

The hills come in to play on the first hole. It’s a 370 meter par 4 down the hill. With house bounding the right hand side of the fairway it’s best to keep it straight or to the left.

The second is one of the stand out holes of the course. A 148 meter par 3 with the deepest bunkers I have ever seen. The left side of the green is not a place you want to be, the lip of the bunker would be about 8 feet from the bottom. Not an easy shot to play, trust me that’s where I ended up with my tee shot. One problem with the bunkers here at Chirnside park is the fringes of the bunker are like concrete, the sand in the centre of the bunker is fine but the edges make life very hard if your in there.

A tough hole on the front 9 is the par 5 3rd. It’s 490 meters & most of it is up hill. The course appears to have been modified on the 4th tee. Beside the 3rd green is an overgrown area which looks like a old tee. The 4th tee is now back down the hill making it a par 3 not a par 4 as it states on the card. It is a beautiful looking hole with bunkers protecting both sides of the front of the green.

The 10th is, to me, one of the better holes on the back 9. A 350 meter par 4 down the hill with a pond at the front left & a bunker on the front right of the green means your approach needs to be spot on.

One of the criticisms I would have of this course is there lack of signs. On a couple of occasion while playing the round we weren’t sure where the next tee was. Also there is no advice as to the direction of the hole. A couple of times we had to just blindly hit off from the tee & hope we were going in the right direction.

Most of the holes around the course are bounded on one side by houses, on mostly the aren’t a factor. But if you on occasion, like me, you have a tendency to slice the ball in a wild & unruly manner you may find your self joining a family for a BBQ lunch.

All in all a very nice course with good quality greens & fairways. We’ll be back to give it another bash, next time with a little prior knowledge as to the direction of the holes.

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