Review – Keilor Public Golf Course

Address: Calder Highway, Keilor North

Number of Holes: 18

Carts available: Yes

19th hole: They sell beer at the Pro shop that you can drink at tables out the front.

First time we player here was in August of 2006. I was impresssed with this course, nice fairways & fantastic greens, Not only are the greens in good condition they are challenging. Some of them slope from back to front, some of them have undulations & some of them are quite small. To me this is one of the best parts of this course. Each green can be different & a lot of the time, depending on where you are in relation to the hole, you have to really think about your putt.

Another thing of note. On the back nine there are back to back par 3’s. I haven’t seen this any where before. On the back nine it begins 4,3,4,3,3. All of the 3’s on the back half are 150 metres or more. On the front both of the 3’s are around 125 metres each.

Keilor is quite a hacker friendly course. Three of us played, none of us are what you would call brilliant golfers, but nobody lost a ball all day. That’s gotta count for something 😉 Keilor is also only a par 69 which means only one par 5 on each 9.

The majority of the holes are pretty straight but this can be counter acted by the wind. The day we played out here was pretty calm but if the wind got up I can imgine this would change the course dramatically. What was an easy par 4 with no wind could turn into a nightmare into a head wind.

None of the holes at Keilor are very long, the longest hole on the course is the par 5 3rd. At 435 metres it is not an overly long hole. Three of the par 4’s are under 300 metres, all of them only just. The 1st is 290 from the back, the 5th is 297 & the 17th is 298. None of them really drivable to your average golfer unless you had a decent tail wind 😉

In conclusion. I’m really glad that Stan recomeded playing here. I really enjoyed playing here & will be going back again soon.

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