Review – Ivanhoe Golf Course

Address: The Boulevard, Ivanhoe
Number of holes: 18
19th Hole: Yes
Motorized Carts: Yes
Cost: 9 — $14 / 18 — $21


Let me start off by saying that if you don’t know how to get to Ivanhoe Golf course, make sure you have a good look at a map before you go. There are initial signs off the main roads but after that your on your own.

The club house is situated at the top of a hill with the course below it. There are 4 elevated tees, the 1st, the 10th, the 14th & the 17th. This means that you have to walk up the hill once on the front nine, which is the 9th fairway. On the back nine you’ll have to trudge up the hill after the 13th to the 14th tee, after the 16th to the 17th tee & the 18th fairway. On a hot day this can be a real killer, but thankfully the 19th hole is there to quench your thirst.

Having said that, Ivanhoe is one of my favourite courses. Probably because I’ve shot my lowest 2 scores there but it is a very nice course. It’s not the longest course around with only one par 5. There a couple of par 4 were it is possible to drive the green, the 14th & the 17th. They both have elevated tees which brings the distance back a little. The 14th is 258 meters from the back tees but if the front tees are in play the green is well within reach. It is pretty much dead straight & it is also a gorgeous looking hole. The 17th is 237 meters is a little more difficult. It has a dogleg right just before the green. If you try to drive the green you will have to play over a group of trees & a pond, but if you hit the right shot you in with a real chance of making eagle as the green is flat & true.

A couple of other holes of note are the 9th & the 3rd. With the 9th, the green is up the hill. The easiest way to play the hole would be to leave you drive at the base of the hill & play your second shot from a flat surface. Best to check the pin position before you play your shot as the putting surface has two levels, if you ball is not on the same level as the pin you’ll have a tough putt (the same can be said for the par 3 18th). Before you play there are pin position cards available from the clubhouse free of charge.

The 3rd is a 311 meter par 4 with a dogleg right about 100 meters from the green. This is one of a couple of holes which border the Yarra River. There is a bike track between the course & the river so it is not an obstacle in play. This hole is beautiful, with the Bell Birds it reminds me of one of the reasons that I love playing golf. It’s not a difficult hole, play the drive down the centre to the dogleg & a nice chip will put you on for two with a birdie putt to follow. One of the great things about Ivanhoe is that if you are playing reasonable well you can shoot some low numbers. It’s great for the confidence.

The is one problem with Ivanhoe. They have a limited amount of area for the course so the fairways are pretty close together. I can imagine on a busy day there could be balls flying everywhere. I’ve found that midweek is the best time to play this course for a couple of reasons. First of all is that it’s not as busy which is always a bonus. Secondly to play on the weekend you need to have a credit card to book a round. This can be a problem if someone pulls out at the last minute as you will be charged for the whole group.

2 Responses to “Review – Ivanhoe Golf Course”

  1. dale shears says:

    I would just like to say as a first time player at Ivanhoe i really enjoyed the day and liked the course. I played with a small social group and we were all pleased…..
    Just a little disappointed that after a Hole In One on the 18th, (Sunday 01/08/10) the club has nothing to recognize this once in a life time experience..
    cheers Dale

  2. Cary says:

    Wow Dale, a hole in one. That is incredible. It does sound a little disappointing that there is no recognition from the club. Hopefully you mates were around & they were help you celebrate.

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