Kilmore with the RSL

Had my first hit out for the year with the Epping RSL on Sunday. We headed out to Kilmore, which like a lot of the country has coped a fair bit of rain over the last few weeks. The ground staff hadn’t had a chnace to mow the greens for a little bit so they were a little furrier than normal 😉 Funny thing is, I had my best day with the putter for a long time, winning the least putts for the day with 29. It was hot day with little or no breeze & I was struggling by the 18th yet somehow managered to finish the day par, par. It was good to get back out again & it’s always nice to play with the RSL & Kilmore course was in pretty good condition.

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  1. Neil says:

    I’m glad you injoyed yuorself, while I was suck at home, but I did have a good laugh when you text me that you lost 2 balls in to holes.Cheers dude

  2. Neil says:

    That should have spelt STUCK at home not suck

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