Keilor Public Golf Course

Neil, Matt & myself headed out to Keilor on another magnificent Melbourne Autumn day. We have had such great weather lately but I’m sure it will come to a crashing halt shortly 🙂
It’s been a while since I’ve been to Keilor & they have done a fair bit of work in that time. They have constructed a number of fairway bunkers on the front 9, the place looks great. A nice flat track with great fairways & nice greens. The course was a fantastic condition & when you jump on the freeway not that far away.
I had a nice front 9 with a few pars but fell away on the second 9. Matt picked up where I left off on the back 9 & between us we have a great score card 🙂 Neil had a ……… well Neil had a nice day 😉

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  1. Neil says:

    For a one legged old man I did O’K with a 97 off the tee and thank god it wasnt windy

  2. I have been playing at Keilor every Sunday for the past 5 weeks and have had no real issue’s until today. As per usual made a booking early in the week for 2 players and a motorised cart to tee off just before midday, and for the first time in 5 weeks I was late to the tee off by 7 minutes.

    The So Called Manager on duty ( Brett ) advised that we missed our tee time and to line up behind the groups on the first tee, fair enough I thought as i was late for the tee off. After paying for 2 X 18 holes and a cart we headed to the first tee only to be confronted by 3 groups of 4 and 2 groups of 2 all waiting to tee of first, so that at least half an hour before we would even get to tee off, only to wait 5 – 7 minutes between every shot and another 20 minutes each hole ( Fun Fun Fun).

    Thinking that this kind of golf may possible drive me crazy I ran inside to the manager on duty ( Brett ) if there was a possibility to tee off on the 10th Tee when there was a reasonable gap for us to jump in, seeing that we both have a half decent handicap and a cart we would not be holding up the group that was coming off the 9th seeing the the guys on the 10th were at the green already.

    Before I could even finish my question I was rudely cut off by Brett ( the Course Manager ) in a sarcastic tone without even looking at the 9th and 10th holes, he bellowed “Nah mate… no chance, do you think we are here to cater golf just for you” and laughed.

    I requested a refund, which he wouldn’t do so we had to settle for a credit note for a future game, and after the way we were spoken to they can shove that sideways. Just seen on the website a special offer to play 3 rounds and get the 4th Free, would have been nice to been advised of this a few weeks ago Brett, Great customer service and customer focus I bet too.

    I did let Brett ( the Course Manager ) know how rude and ridiculous he was behaving only to be told once again ” that he was not her to cater to us and if you want a decent round of golf become a member somewhere”, really Brett? really? lololol…

    Let me just compare you to other golf club I have played at this year Brett and see. At Werribee Park Golf Club we booked for just before Midday and their members day had run over a hour or so, so instead of being rude or sending us home the Manager on duty sent out one of his boys in a cart and 5 minutes later we where being escorted to the 16th tee to tee of and fit in a round of golf. Amazing customer service guys amazing. At Sunshine golf course we are normally advised to tee off on the 10th Tee as it will get us around a lot quicker seeing it’s only the 2 of us and a cart. Smart thinking guys, thanks. At Keilor I get Lip service lolol..

    So Brett ( the Course Manager ) is not there for your average weekend golfer and couldn’t give a toss about the conditions or the round of golf that you are going to play and may actually give you lip if you suggest an alternative to the over crowded style he likes to enforce. Its not always about the cash cow Brett.

    After collecting my Credit Note and driving out of the car park and to another golf course we seen the 2nd hole par 3 had a 2 group wait with a group waiting on the 3rd tee for a group of 6 player in front of them. That’s a joke Brett, an absolute joke mate, just like you mate, your a joke.

    Drove 5 minutes up the road to Melbourne Airport Golf Club and had a tee off time 5 minute later. No lip service, No smartarse management styles, just plain good ol customer service and friendly staff, what a nice change that was. I hadn’t played up at the Airport since it was called Tullamarine Country Club and was blown away the fantastic condition of the course. it was green and lush, unlike Keilor which is yellow and brown at the best of times. The bunkers were well placed and the greens where just immaculate. I couldn’t believe I had been wasting my money playing on hard cracked up, burnt yellow grassed fairways and un maintained greens for the past few weeks when this little gem had been here all along. For my money and recommendations I choose Melbourne Airport Golf Club or Sunshine Golf Club for my local game of weekend golf.


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