Whittlesea 4 ball

The day started off with a few phone calls amongst the four of us to determine if we wanted to play. After Saturdays down pour, we were a little sceptical about playing but we all decided to give it a go. The day couldn’t have been much better. No wind & a pleasant temperature made for perfect golfing conditions.

We had four players for our little four ball comp & the teams were Dick & Stuart & Neil & myself, I knew I was in trouble when I got paired with Neil ; ) The first hole started off with a pair of pars & the second hole set the pattern for the day. Neil & I were on the green with our best ball & Staurt & Dick were over the back. We managered to three putt our way to a 4 were as they manged to sink a great putt for another par, one shot down after 2 holes. We were evenly matched over the next few holes until the 5th & 6th. Somehow the cheats managerd to par the toughest hole on the course & follwo that up with a birdie with another brilliant putt on the 6th which gave them a two shot advatage after my partner boggied the same hole, it was Neils fault not mine. We managed to redeem ourselve on the par 3 8th, or I should say I redeems us ; ) A nice tee shot over the pin & one putt back for a birdie. Stuart & Dick went one over on the hole putting us back to 2 shots down which is where we stayed after the front.

The back nine belonged to Dick & Stuart, some great driving & some fantastic putting saw them put the sword to Neil & myself on the closing holes. On the tought back to back par 5’s Stauart & Dick scored par birdie leaving Neil & myself blamming each other for some pretty average shots ; )

In the end Stuart & Dick were the victories with a score of 81 to 88. We had a great day & it is a fun format to play. The cousre was in pretty good condition considering the drenching we recived on Saturday. The fairways had alittle bit of water on them but not enough to ruin the round. The greens were a real suprise. The was water coming out of the ground under your feet on a few leading you to think they would be slow but tis wasn’t the case. They were still of a nice pace & held true to their lines.

As I said before we had a great day & it is a format that we will be playing again in the future but next time I want a different partner ; )

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  1. Dick says:

    there is an old clique you drive for show and putt for dough stuart did the driving and i did the putting what a team

  2. Next time I want a partner that knows how to play 2 or more good shots in a row and not leave it up to me all the time. But after all that it was an injoyable game of golf, hopefully next time we can get 2 or 3 groups out there and not the same 3 or 4 people. And it is hard to bet thoughs who cheat when you don’t.

  3. stuey says:

    thanks guys for a good day. The format provided some very good highlights and some light entertainment from team second !!!! Dick & I although outsiders proved too strong with some dollar golf . thanks Dick and bring on all challengers for the undefeated team triumph !!!!!

    cheers guys

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