Keilor golf course game

Cary, Dick and myself ( Neil ) went out for a game of golf today at the Keilor Golf Course ( 07/09/2006 ). On our trip out there it  wasn’t looking to good , less then halfway there it started to rain but by the time we got there it had stopped. We desided to play and when got to the 2nd or 3rd Tee it started to rain again, well it was more like a drizzle. This happened on and off during the day, in total it rained for about 6 holes out of the 18 that we played. All in all it was a good game. It’s not a challenging course but it’s an enjoyable one to get out and play for a friendly game, laugh and a geer or more. On the front 9 the greens had just been aerated and a fair bit of sand dumped on them witch helped with your putting, thats what I think anyway, Iwas 2 putting and the odd 1 put instead of 3 and 4 putting. Once again I will have to appoligise for my language, but you should be use to it by now…. The fairways where in good condition, and the greens on the back 9 were in good nick, especially after all the rain we had. All in all we had a good day, enjoyed our round of golf  in good company. I would like to also mention that I was the only one to get 2 pars for the day, but of course I am not one to brag. On that note I look forward to meeting you all on our next round of golf……

You can check out the photos here

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  1. cary says:

    You may be the only one to get two pars Neil but I still won 😉 I think I three putted on about 13 or 14 greens today, not too good. I think I need to stick with my new putting style & ride out the crap rounds for a few more weeks yet. I do like this course, the staff are friendly & helpful, as I mentioned last time, the price can’t be beat. So if you haven’t played here before get out there & do it!!! Also Neil I changed your post just a little to included the photos from our day out. Some of them have been artificial brightened because it was pretty bleak out there at time today.

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